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Meet Our Massage Therapist Kansas City

foot massageMany practice members ask about the value of massage in combination with their chiropractic care. While chiropractic care focuses on the relationship between the spine and its impact on the nervous system, massage focuses on the muscle component. Both disciplines work together.

Retraining Your Spine

Long-standing spinal problems often accompany ingrained muscle patterns. Muscle spasms and scar tissue are often involved. Complementing your chiropractic care with massage therapy addresses these muscle and soft tissue problems. This can help speed your recovery and enhance the retraining of your spine.

Massage Therapist, Mackenzie Jones

Mackenzie recently graduated from Wellspring School of Allied Health’s Massage Therapy program.

She credits her journey into massage from discovering her love for exercise & fitness after having her third baby two years ago. She found learning about all the different ways the body can change fascinating! Because of this, she has a particular interest in sports recovery and facilitated stretching. Mackenzie likes to incorporate stretching and sports massage techniques into any massage that she does. In addition to massage, she is also offering dedicated stretching sessions!

“My interest in massage really sparked because I love being able to engage with people and to help them feel better about themselves. Massage is not only a great tool for your physical well-being, but for your mental health too. My goal with any massage is to help bring relief to my clients. I look forward to working with you!”


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