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Headache and Migraines Kansas City

Is a compressed nerve causing your headache?

Ninety five percent of headaches are “primary headaches”; meaning that they do not have food, environmental or behavioral triggers. The headache itself is the main concern. We spend more time in one position or holding one posture than ever before!

What can you do yourself?

There are some things you can do on your own such as, stretching every 30 minutes, avoid clenching your teeth and drink at least eight 8oz glasses of water each day.

Can a Chiropractor help your headache?

Absolutely! A Chiropractor can alleviate some of the stress on your body with an adjustment and/or spinal manipulation. They can provide nutritional counseling, and offer overall advice on posture, exercise and relaxation.

When I came to Fountain of Life Family Chiropractic, I was having constant headaches with NO relief. After very few adjustments, my headaches were gone. The adjustments have also helped my digestive system and have made me feel better overall! Thank you to all of the wonderful people at Fountain of Life!


Suffering from migraines or headaches? Put down the pain medication and call Fountain of Life Family Chiropractic.

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