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Dr. Kurtis Mlinar

Dr. Kurtis Mlinar

Dr. Kurtis Mlinar was born and raised in rural Nebraska. He attended Wayne State College prior to Cleveland University where he graduated in 2019. He strives to be a provider for a community of hard-working people and helping them pursue healthier lives. Since he has done concrete work and has been a ranch hand, he knows all too well about the wear and tear a body can go through daily.

He is passionate about using chiropractic to help people be able to withstand life’s troubles and tribulations.

Dr. Mlinar’s focus is on problem-solving care. A combination of providing therapeutic relief as well as home care remedies and prevention techniques.

Outside of the Office

His past times include woodworking, fishing, and golfing. He has even started combining his hobbies by crafting his own fishing lures and baits in his free time.

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