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Chiropractor Kansas City, Dr. Joseph Knudson

Dr. Joseph Knudson

Shifting My Beliefs

Dr. Joe was playing Division I tennis at the University of Tulsa when he blew out a spinal disc on the court. He’d seen a chiropractor throughout high school, but his coach sent him to the athletic trainer and the orthopedist. They recommended surgery and said he’d be out of the game for six months. Unable to accept giving up his passion, Dr. Joe went to a sports doctor who just happened to be a chiropractor.

Within three or four weeks, he was back on the court. This experience shifted his paradigm, and his major changed from pre-med to chiropractor.

I wanted to address the power for healing within the body instead of more invasive means.

Learning How to Help Others

To earn a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Joe attended Cleveland University, graduating in 2003. He founded Fountain of Life Family Chiropractic not long after.

“I love the power of the adjustment. It’s great to see people get out of pain in just a few visits without having to take drugs or resort to surgery. Chiropractic is ideal for lifelong health.”


Staying Active Thanks to Chiropractic

Dr. Joe attributes his ability to indulge in adventures to regular chiropractic care. He played tennis for years and now loves to fly-fish, ski and snowboard. His family, including his wife who is also a chiropractor, and their daughter, like to spend time in Colorado where Dr. Joe owns a fly-fishing shop. They travel to the mountains to fish and rest up, and enjoy visits with their extended family in Denver. Soon, they’ll be visiting even more often, to see their daughter who will be playing soccer at Regis University.

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