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Getting Back on Track!

After having our baby,  our lives have exceptionally sped up and we lost track of taking care of ourselves. With that, my wife and myself are are getting back on track with our health by following the Whole30 diet.

When it comes to making major, life changing health habits, what usually works is making “baby” steps, and making changes that you are comfortable with. Taking small steps day by day, week by week, or month by month will make longer lasting changes so that you do not “fall off band wagon.” With that, we have been making changes in the past 3 months to get back on track and are ready to a bit bigger of a leap.

The Whole30 entails a diet that we should all be following. A lot like other popular diets such as Paleo, and the Ketogenic diet, the Whole30 focuses on vegetables, fruit, meat, healthy fats, and fish. Between the three diets, they may or may not allow nuts, legumes, eggs, or limited fruit. They all have their differences for varying purposes.

In the end, diets should be rich in vegetables, fruit, nuts, fish, meat, and I personally think, eggs. The foods should be organic when possible and minimally processed. A way of eating such as this can reverse Type II diabetes, reduce risk of cancer, slow down, or stop progression of heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and more!

Checkout the Whole30 and see if it is for you, any questions, talk to Dr. Alex. Want more energy, better digestion, cognition, less pain? Start taking your baby steps!


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