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Dr. Alexander Nelson

Chiropractor Kansas City, Dr. Alex NelsonDr. Alex was 19 when he sought out chiropractic to get help with his low back pain. After getting tremendous results, he became more and more curious about chiropractic. His chiropractor said that Dr. Alex should explore the profession.

With an interest in health and wellness, he was ready to move on from managing the grocery department of a grocery store. He quit his job and began working for the chiropractor. Then, he decided to attend Cleveland University for a chiropractic education.

An Interest in Neurology and Addressing Chronic Disease

Dr. Alex is passionate about continuing to learn. He studies topics such as functional neurology, ADHD, autism, chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes, infertility, multiple sclerosis and more.

Our society is seeing an uptick in chronic diseases, which are getting more and more complex. I like to focus on what we can do for people with these conditions when medicine isn’t always equipped to handle their case. I’m passionate about helping people.

Dr. Alex is a Fellow on the Board of Childhood Developmental Disorders, a branch of the National Board of Functional Neurology. Additionally, he is studying for a diplomate in clinical nutrition and is a Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner®. With a talent for addressing neurological issues, he is certified in interactive metronome, a form of rehabilitation that works with the timing and coordination of your brain function. He is also a member of the International Association of Functional Neurology.

Getting You the Attention You Need

We’ll take care of you. If we’re not the right place, we’ll help you find it.

Dr. Alex likens going to a chiropractor to rebuilding your house. If it burns down, you call the fire department to bring fire hoses and axes, which is what they’re trained to do. But once you’re ready to rebuild, you want to call contractors. Chiropractors are the contractors, helping you restore your well-being and giving you answers, rather than putting out a fire in a time of crisis.

Outside of the Office

When he isn’t seeing patients at Fountain of Life Family Chiropractic, Dr. Alex likes to spend time with his wife and son. They go to church on the weekends and try to do things as a family. Dr. Alex can usually be found reading a book or articles to keep up on the latest health-related research.

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