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Functional Neurology and Functional Medicine

Dr. Alex has advanced training in neurological rehabilitation for a varying disorders including, but not limited to delayed neurological development,  Autism, ADHD, movement disorders, post concussion, mild stroke rehabilitation, and balance/vertigo problems.

He combines the above with clinical nutrition (functional medicine) for an overall encompassing look into your health to help overcome chronic health problems.

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Functional Neurology

Functional Neurology builds on basic neuroscience and uses various strategies to improve or re-establish optimal neurological functions.

 For many individuals who have dealt with neurological or cognitive impairments,we can provide carefully determined, cautious and safe care that holds the prospect of potentially improving neurological function.  We now know the brain can change itself (called neuroplasticity).  This means your brain cells can grow, form new connections, and even induce new neurons to form! This was all once thought impossible up until recently.  There are many, many separate and distinct areas in your brain and nervous system, and they all need to directly and indirectly communicate with one another. When there is a breakdown in this communication, problems show up.  This can be movement disorders, weakness and atrophy in muscles, vision and balance problems, ringing in the ears.  This breakdown in communication can even contribute to ADD, Autism, Parkinson’s, Post-Concussion Syndrome and other major neurological pandemics in our society today.

 Functional Neurology is unique for a couple of reasons; one, we use no drugs, in fact we hope that your prescription drug, or OTC drug use goes down, or be eliminated entirely.  And two, your functional neurological rehabilitation program will be completely customized to your needs, wants, and goals.  Using the sensory pathways of sight, eye movements, smell, touch, and unconscious proprioception (balance and coordination) we figure what areas of your brain are weak and need to be strengthened if they can be strengthened.  However if these areas cannot be strengthened because there is too much damage, i.e. a stroke occured… then we can use the surrounding viable areas to get you as well as we possibly can.

 An initial visit with us will look a lot like going to your Medical Doctor, it will consist of a consultation, examination, and recommendations. The difference will lie within the exam itself where we utilize your 6 senses (including proprioception) to test your brain and nervous system, challenge it, and find the weak pathways that need to be addressed. We can then run what is called a therapeutic trial with various exercises or applications of low tech, and high tech rehabilitation exercises to see if we can get instant improvemen in function and symptoms! This is where the big difference is between seeing a traditional neurologist, and someone with our training, we can instantly derive drug and surgery free, functional approaches to your condition. After this initial visit you may be given exercises to do at home, dietary changes to maximize the fuel you feed your body and brain, be recommended a follow up visit(s), or be sent out for further testing.

 Chiropractic care and Functional Neurology are a great combo to overcome neurological challenges and are often times used together. Truly cutting edge and trailblazing, this can be the answer for many peoples health problems that have not yet been helped or resolved!

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